There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Passive Real Estate Investing 

Start growing your income fast without increasing the number of hours you work with a quick tutorial each day for 7 Days of FREE daily instruction from Georgetown trained, board-certified cardiologist turned real estate mogul Vikram Raya, MD.

Do you want an easy way to put your money to work and build wealth for your family without spending more time in your high stress practice?

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The 7 Day passive investing mini-course is a guided, daily course that teaches you how to break free from the constraints of your practice and start easily generating wealth with passive income. 

No Experience Necessary 

Even people with no prior real estate experience can confidently start passive investing when they take this course. 

Actionable Information to Know 

If Growing Wealth With Passive Real Estate Investing Is Right For You. 

Detailed Video Instructions With Actionable Insights Makes it Easy to Get Started Generating Passive Income Fast. 

Dr. Raya has grown a successful following of like-minded doctors for a reason: he gives you practical information that you can use right away. If you've ever wondered how people grow their wealth without working more hours then this is for you.

New to passive real estate investing?
FREE 7 Day Online Training Mini-Course

7 Video Training Lessons, 3 bonus tutorials, full of actionable insights to help you start generating passive income with real estate investing: 

  • Learn how to easily grow wealth without spending more time in your high stress practice
  • How to spot asymmetric risk:reward scenarios
  • Why W2 income is unsafe in a Covid-19 era
  • ​Learn the EIGHT advantages of investing in Real Estate
  • ​How to Vet Sponsors 
  • ​Learn strategies to maximize your retirement savings
  • ​Why Cash Flow is more Important than Net Worth
  • ​What it takes to fast track your timeline to less stress, more money, and more freedom to live life on your terms. 
Save Time 

Dr. Raya helps you mitigate the internet’s confusion and saves you time by sharing his specific framework for passive real estate investing and providing his short-list of supplemental learning resources to augment your training.  

With Thousands of Resources Available, How do You Know What's Good and What's Garbage?
Like Minded Medical Professionals

Make your money work for you and grow wealth so that you can live life on your terms. 

Join Thousands of Like minded medical professionals trained by Dr. Raya to explore the opportunity of passive real estate investing.  
Meet Your Coach 

Vikram Raya, MD

Vikram Raya MD is a board certified functional cardiologist that completed his training at Georgetown. 

 He retired from medicine at age 40 and has since become a Real Estate Mogul that controls over $300Million in real estate. 

Dr. Raya has taught thousands of doctors and high networth individuals how to achieve outsized returns. His goal is to help the physician community invest wisely and safely. 

Start Your Passive 
Real Estate Investing Journey
Learn Insider Tools And Strategies Directly From Dr. Vikram Raya – CEO Of Viking Capital, Georgetown Trained And Board Certified Functional Medicine Cardiologist, And Real Estate Mogul

Here is what you will learn each day: 

Day 1 - Welcome

You’ll learn the fundamental concepts of real estate investing so that you understand how it works and whether it's right for you.

Day 2 - Money Motivation

You’ll learn why a w2 income alone risks your financial security, the importance of articulating your why, and the rule of 72, so that you can easily make investment choices with confidence.

Day 3 - Secret Asset Class

Uncover the benefits of multi-family real estate investing to scale your portfolio 

Day 4 - Data Driven Decision Making

Understand how to interpret live data so that you can avoid common missteps of new investors. 

Day 5 - Leveraging Retirement Money

Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Choose Multifamily Real Estate for Their SELF-DIRECTED IRAs to provide greater stability and return on their investments.

Day 6 - Cash Flow 

Learn how to quit your w2 and convert extra earned income into passive revenue so that your family’s fiscal security is never tied to what you can personally produce. 

Day 7- Access the Framework

Walk through case studies of Viking Capital’s proven framework that help busy doctors invest and grow wealth and learn how other physicians have broken free from a w2 revenue cycle and created generational wealth. 

Bonus 1 - Become Limitless 

How to make your life unapologetically authentic so that you can live in alignment with who you were created 
to be. 

Bonus 2- Productivity Perfected

Go beyond time management and learn the art of efficiency and effectiveness in 
a way that gives you hours back in 
your day.

Bonus 3 - Biohacking 101 

Learn about human optimization to have full control over your own biology so that you can maximize your life.

Real People. Real Results.

What others doctors are saying about the wisdom from Vikram Raya MD, who’s been a keynote speaker for CNN, 
retired from medicine at age 40, and controls over $330 Million in real estate. 

I’ve Invested With Viking Across Multiple Platforms Over The Years And Will Continue To.

I love the diligence and work 
ethic that goes into the prospecting/diligence phase of the investment process with Viking! Given the uncertain times we’re in, 
I appreciate the Viking team’s core focus on capital preservation.

Chirag Saraiya 
Viking VIP Club Member and Investor

I enjoy investing with Viking Capital because it allows me to diversify my investments as a doctor.

I believe multifamily is a consistently strong asset class that can weather most economic cycles. I will continue to put my trust in Viking Capital.

Rohit Goyal 
Viking VIP Club Member and Investor

I am a physician and grateful to be investing alongside Viking Capital, founded and run by physicians.

I trust their decision making and appreciate their integrity and honesty. Passive income is a welcomed means to growing my family’s wealth, I hope you find it helps achieve your financial goals too.

Ankeet Udani 
Viking VIP Club Member and Investor

There’s never been a better time to start your easy passive real estate investing. 

You will get immediate online access to the training videos, mini-course supplemental resources, and email instructions. Let’s get started now! 

© 2021 | Viking Capital, LLC 
© 2021 | Viking Capital, LLC